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The perfect clothes for hiking

By Karin Schill

(30/09/2014) When travelling to Peru with us it is important to have the right clothes for different occasions. Here’s some information about the clothes we recommend for the High Inca Trail and Colca Canyon Trekking.

The key thing to a successful trekking tour is to dress appropriate for the weather. Since the Andean weather can change quickly you need several layers of clothes. Most trekking tours starts early, like at 6 a.m. Then it is often windy and cold. So starting out in the morning, it is recommended to wear four layers of clothes on top of wool underwear. The first layer is a synthetic t-shirt that transports the sweat out. The second layer is a vest, the third layer is a wool jacket and the top layer is another jacket. The shell jacket need to be windproof, waterproof and have a hoot. It also needs to cover your whole body. As it gets warmer during the day you can take off the layers of clothes that get too warm. It is recommended to bring an extra t-shirt to change into.

The pants need to be windproof, of a material that dries out quickly and is not too heavy. The pants should give you the flexibility to move around. It is also good if the pants have side pockets. It is also essential to have good shoes as you will be walking for 6-8 hours in a day on trails that are uneven. The shoes we recommend are flats that go up above your ankle for protection. A regular pair of sneakers will not do, as if you lose your balance while walking in a pair of shoes that doesn’t go up above the ankle there is a risk you will break it. The shoes also need to be waterproof. You need two pair of socks, a cotton sock and a wool socks on top of it. This will protect your feet from getting blisters.

Furthermore it is also recommended to bring a good 25 liters backpack that distributes the weight equally. In the backpack you need to bring a sun block, a flashlight, lip balm, a head flashlight and a mosquito repellant.

If you travel in the Colca Canyon you can also bring trekking poles, whereas on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu it is forbidden to have trekking poles not to damage the trail.

Text by: Karin Schill.