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Trekking & Adventure

The fabulous ruins of the Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu set amongst the outstanding forested peaks of the Peruvian Andes have achieved almost legendary ‘must see’ status with visitors to Peru. Machu Picchu was recently voted one the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’ and has long held UNESCO World Heritage Status – a unique Inca settlement never raided by the Spanish conquistadors and unknown to the outside world until rediscovered by explore and Yale University Hiram Bingham in 1911

Mountain Climbing
At 6768m Huascarán dominates the vista of the Cordillera Blanca from the city of Huaraz. Huascarán South is not only the highest mountain in Peru, but also the highest in earth’s tropical zone and the 5th highest in South America. Bounded to the North and South by vistas of stunning glacial valleys and many more of Cordillera Blanca’s 6000m peaks, including the slightly lower Huascarán North (6655m) and the jagged form of Chopicalqui (6354m) a climb of any of the Cordillera Blanca peaks offers unparalleled and uninterrupted views in every direction. This is truly a climb and an adventure of a lifetime!

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