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Why we are called Machete Tours?

ITB 2015

Contact Offices

  • Sweden+46 76046 1860
  • Denmark+45 2460 2662
  • Peru - Lima+51 1 964150238
  • Peru - Cusco+51 84 224829

Mission and Vision

Our mission: To transform and improve the lives of people using sustainable ecotourism as a tool to promote the protection of nature, environment and minimize the impact of human development in one of the most spectacular locations in the world.

To achieve this, we are constantly working with communities, creating a framework in which the local ecotourism-business promotes the truly sustainable use of pristine natural Resources.

Our vision: To expand our operations and to be recognized in the tourism industry, based on high standards and commitment to the sustainable tourism policies and practices of fair play in tourism, that has been the basis of our success from the beginning.

Business policy: Machete Tours is an adventure- and eco tourism company that specializes in high level experiences and the exploration of South America. We are committed to transform and improve the lives of people who use sustainable ecotourism as a tool to promote the protection of nature, environment and to minimize the impact of human exploitation in one of the most important locations in the world.

To achieve this, we are constantly working to: 

Improve the quality of our processes and services on a continuous basis to achieve  full satisfaction from our customers, thru their positive experiences

Respect and follow current laws, regulations and guide lines from state agencies and to fulfill signed agreements applicable to our services with internal and external clients.

Preserve and protect the environment, minimize and control our environmental impact associated with all our processes and services.

Maintain a positive working environment in local communities where we operate.

Promote socioeconomic development, training and personal development of the communities where we operate. 

To disavow, reject and denounce any action that violates the integral freedom of the people.