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Machete Tours’ new Norwegian office

By Karin Schill

(17/12/2015) Next year will Machete Tours open up a new office in Norway. We will also launch a Norwegian homepage and have already now hired a new co-worker who will work with the Norwegian market.

Machete Tours have already many Norwegian tourists who travel with us. So it is a natural step for us to expand on the Norwegian market with our own homepage and office. We have hired a Norwegian woman named Ineke Kvernenes, who will work full time as a travelling consultant at the Norwegian office. We would like to welcome Ineke to Machete Tours. Ineke grew up close to Bergen in Norway. After graduating from High School she moved to Oslo where she studied at IB Norwegian Business School. Then she’s worked with everything from being a waitress to a coach at a call center and an assistant manager at a store. Ineke is married and have a daughter. She is also a very nice co-worker who is social, positive, adventures and easy to work with. So we are sure she will be an asset to our company.

Ineke also loves South America and right now she is living in Peru for a couple of months to learn more about the country and culture. Her enthusiasm for all things Peru makes her a perfect person to handle the Norwegian market. So if you are from Norway and want to travel to South America we can recommend you to contact her.

Ineke can be reached already now through e-mail:

[email protected]

We also invite you to like our Norwegian facebook page:

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