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We are expanding with new destinations

By Karin Schill

(02/07/2015) Machete Tours are now offering new dream trips to South America. Except from our big south America round tour we have expanded with round tours in countries such a Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.

We are offering several round trips in Argentina. It is an exciting country where you can experience everything from tangoshows in the cosmpolitian capital Buenos Aires to a cruise around the glaciers in Patagonia. Here you can see wild animals like whales and penguins.

In Venezuela you must experience the Angel falls, which is the worlds highest water fall. Here you can also go on trekking tours in the Amazonas. In this part of the djungle it is the highest chance of seeing the anacondas.

Colombia is another exciting new destination where you can experience the big city in Bogota. Our round trip also takes you to the coastal cities of the caribean sea where you can enjoy some days on the beach with tropical heath, bluegreen water and palmtrees.

We at Machete Tours thinks it is wonderful that we now can offer more round tours in South and Centralamerica. Other destinations that we will also start selling shortly are Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.