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Machete Tours against plastic

By Karin Schill

(15/09/2017) The tourists who visit Peru dump 2 million plastic bottles in the country each year. So this fall we’re launching a new eco-tourism campaign that aims at reducing the plastic waste in Peru.

We at Machete Tours care about the environment and this fall we’re launching a new campaign that we call ’Plastic – No Thanks’. It offers our Swedish tourists the opportunity to borrow an ecological cotton bag and a refillable water bottle from Lifestraw while they travel with us.

The water bottle has a filter that purifies tap water. So the tourists just refill the bottle at their hotel and then they drink the water through the filter in the bottle. The filter cleans the water from bacteria and bad smell. When you refill your bottle make sure that you have screwed off the top so that the contained water doesn’t get on it. Lifestraw is a Swiss company that began developing their technology to purify water in 2005 after a natural disaster. The bottle is approved by the EU. It contains no chemicals and is produced with raw material that meets the standards of the US Food and drug administration. The bottle may not be suitable for people who are allergic to nuts however.

The bag will reduce the use of plastic bags when you go shopping. It is something that we’ve become more and more conscious of in Sweden lately. But unlike Sweden who has a recycle system where the plastic waste is taken care of South American countries like Peru don’t have an effective way to recycle plastic. So even if you throw your plastic waste in the waste bins 75 % of all plastic waste still ends up in a massive dump of waste or in the nature. So the situation in Peru is more alarming and therefore it is important that the tourists also pitch in to save the environment. Together we can make a difference.

For more information about the water bottle and a user’s manual please visit:

Lifestraw's homepage