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Upon my return to Israel I would like to thank the Machete tours team that
arranged the Lares Trek ; The knowledgeable and very friendly and supportive
guide Edgar and the excellent and devoted cook & porter Mr. Modesto .
Thank you also for Yannett for the administrative support
Although it has been a very small "delegation " I enjoyed the trek very
much and it gave me the great opportunity to see and appreciate the
wonderful landscapes ,people living in the high land , the culture of the
region and of course the challenge of climbing and walking in high altitude.
The team that accompanied me was professional and at the same time always
looking to provide the best service and create good ambiance and this has
made it into an unforgettable experience.

[email protected]

Ishay Erel / Israel
Lares Machu Picchu Trek
May 2011

Dear Ronald,
I wanted to just send a personal thank you for the wonderful experience I had on the Lares trek. Miguel (the main tour guide) was extremely informative, attentive and overall a valuable resource. Thank you so much Ronald, this was by far one of the best
experiences of my life. Please stay in touch. I will recommend your tour company very highly to future Peru travelers.


[email protected]

Amanda Weyerbache / USA
Lares Machu Picchu Trek
May 2011

Dear Machete Tours
It has been a successful holiday for all 4 of us. The guides were very good and with good knowledge, helpful staff and we all have some good fun as well.

Kind regards

Gite V. Larsen,Torben Larsen, Hans Jessen Lauritsen

[email protected]

Gitte Vestergaard Larsen / Denmark
Cusco 5 days tour
May 2011

Simon (Tour Guide) was funny and polite. The route was wonderful! Amazing! I have never seen anything like that before.

Susanne Anderson Bustad / Sweden
Inca Trail 4 Days
November 2010

Cusco City Tour - the Tour Guide was well prepared. Talked very good English. Except English he knew French and German. Knew much.

Sacred Valley - the highlights of the trips were the Guide and meals. Perfect restaurant.

Mats Cangren / Sweden
Cusco City Tour, Sacred Valley Tour
October 2010

We think both, Guide, horseman and Cook did a great job! The service was good and the staff contributed to a nice athmosphere in the group. We´ve had a very nice time with these great, service minded people :-)

The landscape we went through was exciting and varied and we saw lots of interesting animals and vegetation on the way!

We would´ve liked to avoid the tracks and walk only on paths in the mountains. We would also have liked to have better toilets.

Machu Picchu met the expectations to the fullest, even though I´d been waiting to go for 15 years.

All in all it´s been a nice trip.

Laila S. Agdestein & Trond S. Ludvigsen / Norway
October 2010

City Tour: Yannett (office) and Marco Antonio (Tour Guide) were very good, helpful and knowledgeable.
Machu Picchu Tour: Mr. Ciello (Tour Guide) was very knowledgeable - we wish him the best of luck today in the elections.

Rolfe Fraser-Orr / United Kingdom
Cusco City Tour, Machu Picchu Tour 2 Days
October 2010

Coco was an excellent mountain guide, teacher and a nice person.

Kenneth Dahlstrom / Finland
Inka Trail
September 2010

Excellent Guide. Friendly, knowledgeable, personal. The cook prepared impressive meals considering the conditions.

Nina Bremnes / Norway
Inka Trail 4 Days
September 2010

Wonderful Time! Thank you… Please send me Washington`s address mail.

James A. Boyko / United State
Peru round Trip
September 2010

Knowledgeable, friendly looked out for us, Excellent! Good food was plenitude at gave us energy for the Inca trail.

Weverka family / United Stated
Peru round trip
August 2010

Very nice , interesting connections to guide enyoed our time with him.

Clair Hammer / United State
Peru round Trip
August 2010

The total trip was excellent. Thanks for a good Peru-Trip!

Maria Andersen / Danish
Peru round Trip
July 2010

Good , Peru Trip.

Liubov Ivanova / Russia
Peru Round Trip
July 2010

I´d like to more time to be on Machupicchu.

Shaeva Yanira / Russia
Peru round Trip
July 2010

Our Guide was very fun, and he gave us a lot different Information.

Adrov Nikolav / Russia
Peru round Trip
July 2010

Comentario: Absolutly Excellente service and information and opportunity to influence the program. Thanks for beautiful and fabulous days.

Hagstrom Brandel / Sweden
Peru round trip
April 2010

Good guide and helped us a lot, the porter and the chef was absolutely amazing.

Johan Mellstrom / Sweden
November 2009

Thanks You for a menoral experience, It was amazing.

Michale Squarin / Denmark
Peru Round Trip
June 2009

everything was professional and good quality

Torsten Kjellgran / Sweden
Peru Round Trip
April 2009

Everything was excellent and everyone in our group had a wonderful esperience.

Martin Hendrikse / Sweden
Peru round trip
April 2009

We think this was a fantastic tour with many different experiences, we are a couple of 57 and 68 years old. Pick up service was excellent, tours were very well organized and meals in Arequipa, Puno and Cusco were very good.
Thanks to Machete Tours for a great experience.

Arnmild and Knut Borge / Norway
Peru Classic Program 16 Days
November 2012

This was a wonderful trek, I am sad for this to be almost over! Food was excellent, Modesto was a wonderful cook, specially his soups in freezing cold!! Pablo was a great horseman, I felt our stuff was very safe.
Miguel is a wonderful guide, very informative and knowledgeable. I will recommend highly Machete Tours to all future Peru travelers.
[email protected]

Amanda Weyerbacker / New York - USA
Lares Trek
October 2012

Thanks for a good Peru trip!
Yes, I indeed will recommend Machete Tours to friends and family. Janet is a great service person and Erik a very good guide.

Schafer Anderssen / Denmark
Peru Luxury Program 8 days
October 2012

Thanks Machete Tours for a beautiful and fabulous days!
Please focus in your fantastic nature, Cusco is so much more than Machu Picchu!
I will absolute recommend Machete Tours for its excellent service.

Brandel Hogstrom / Sweden
Inca Trail 4 Days
March 2012

Very positive, the arrangement has worked very fine! excellent meals and good and engaged guides.

Cecilia Orosz / Sweden
Peru Classic Program 16 Days
October 2011

Tour was very well organized, guides were excellent, pick up service in time and very helpful. Hotels were some very good and some not.
Thanks for a nice experience.

Elma Maksic / Norway
Peru Classic Program 16 Days
December 2011

Fantastic trip!!
We have meet so many positive, motivated and service minded people. A very nice experience, we will definitely recommend friends and family to make the same tour!
[email protected]

Eva Hård / Sweden
Peru Classic Program 16 Days
May 2012

We are a family with ages of 21, 45 and 56. We have had a wonderful trip. So well organized, so many interesting places, nice guides and friendly people in all places.
We have felt safe in your hands!!!
Thank you Machete Tours.
It will be very easy to recommend your agency to friends and others!
A memory for life, keep up the good work!
Katarina Hultling.

Katarina Hultling / Sweden
Peru Classic Program 16 Days
January 2013

Excellent because the friendly attitude of the staff and personnel.
Machete Tours has taken a large responsibility over was has happened even outside the plans.
I am very grateful!

Ingmar Melin / Sweden
Peru Classic Program 16 Days
April 2012

We think both guides and horseman and cook did a great job. The service was good and the staff contribute to a nice atmosphere in the group.
We have had a very nice time with this great, service minded people.
[email protected]

Laila Agdestein and Trond S / Norway
Salkantay to Machu Picchu 5 days
October 2012

Hello All,

Im now back since some time in Sweden after the expedition in Peru. I just would like to say that Im so satisfied with everything for the expedition and the great arrangements by all of you. It has been a real dream experience and I recommend all my friends to join the same trip. Irma welcomed me at the airport and brought all pieces together for the trip. Victor was the best guide I could ever get, providing professional advice and ensuring safety for the whole program.

In July 2012 I finally got the possibility to summit mount Huascaran 6768 meters, with mount Pisco 5752 meters as acklimatisation. Victor turned out to be a true first hand choice who enabled me to summit these mountains. He was 24/7 ensuring a safe expedition, managing all situations professionally as a Peruvian Mountain Guide Certified and in perfectly spoken English. Victor prooved to have a deep knowledge about alpine safety, climbing technics, mountain and glacieer conditions, health issues, quality of epuipement providing first class tents and gear.

The team also included the cook Luis with the largest smile and best food in the Cordilleras, preparing desert at all altitudes even 6000 meters in minus 20 degrees. The porters Eber and Elmer were creating the most positive attitude, which is a must to summit. I never understood how they all could carry that heavy, be that fast and still talk and laugh at the same time. As Victor ensures quality for his staff by sending them all to alpine training every year, I felt safe with everyone in the team, which was proven during the climb.

Now having returned to Sweden and slowly starting to digest the fantastic adventures I would like to thank you all for these unforgettable days! For excellent organisation, summit climbs and friendly and yet professional way of guiding me to such achievements.

Also, after Huascaran I went for the Salkantay trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu, which was extraordinary however arranged by another actor on the market.

Thanks Victor, Irma and Ronald

Victor, please transfer my kind greetings to the team.

Best regards

Carina Ahlqvist

Carina Ahlqvist / Sweden
Huascaran Expedition
August 2012

Dear Ronald,

As promised we have prepared the following feed-back on our family trip to Peru.

First of all: We had a great trip! We were always met and picked up when we arrived at a new place and things seemed generally very well organized. The following is our account of traveling as a family (2 girls of 9 and 12 years old) in Peru.

Lima: The hotel was nice and in easy walking distance from both the Larcomar-area by the sea and the tourist shopping area.
The journey from Lima to Aguas Calientes got to be somewhat longer than expected and planned. In Aguas Calientes our booking had been changed to a hotel called Green Nature. This hotel was right next to the railway station.
The guided tour to Machu Picchu was great. The guide, Ruben, was very good and even our youngest - who is nine, and does not understand English, was interested and liked the way he showed us different details and told stories.
The hotel in Urubamba - Hotel Amaru - was very nice! The beautiful garden was a great place to spend relaxing time and enjoying the birds in the afternoon. The girls could read or play and they loved the game room! This made a perfect base for trips in the area in the morning and relaxing time in the afternoon

The hotel in Cuzco was well placed, within walking distance to the centre. we really enjoyed the heating devise – Cuzco is cold... :).
In our Jungle tour: Cock of the rock lodge was a great place! We spend almost all our time in the dining area, with the fantastic surroundings that attracted much birdlife and other animals. Both our girls think that this was the best place we stayed – and we probably agree. The staff was very kind and helpful.
Blanquillo lodge: The sleeping area, that the manager himself called the dormitory, is very different from what we expected from a lodge. We were very happy (but surprised) that there were no other guests at the lodge while we
were there - we think it would have provided limited privacy. The surrounding area was fantastic, however, and totally worth it. The trips to the oxbow lakes were nice and we saw the otters and interesting birds here. And the Macaw Clay Lick was fantastic as well.
Our guide throughout the jungle trip – Robert – was just excellent Robert really did his best to accommodate all our wishes and put up with our different requirements. He had a good feeling with what everybody wanted and the children liked him a lot. Really family friendly!
The last lodge - Wasai, in Puerto Maldonado, was great. Just what we needed - with a nice little pool and sloths with young ones in the tree by the pool! A perfect place to end the trip!

Best wishes,
Jesper, Vibeke, Laura and Ida from Denmark.

Family Givskov (with 2 girls of 9 and 11 years old) / Denmark
Peru Program 23 Days
August 2012

Dear Ronald, I hope you are well and also your business is running well. First - I would like to thank you for your perfect organization of our October group to Peru. We all were satisfied - it is the most important sign. So, thank you once more.

Michal Kohn
[email protected]

Michal Kohn / Czech Republic
Peru North and South 23 Day
October 2012

Juan is really nice , his English language level very good . he became part of our group.
Good meals more than enough food. It was a great trip. Porters were amazing.
Guide: Juan de la Cruz
Cook: Juan Ccama
email:[email protected]

Dimitriadis travel with 3 other friends.

Dimitriadis Vasileios / Greece
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 Day Trek
November 2012

Jorge knows very well route and explains in a interesting way. Speak good English. Also interested in other cultures.
Good service for us in advance of the trip. We got very nice food and more than enough.
Reaching the dead woman's pass and course the entrance to machupicchu .

Guide: Jorge Yepes
Cook: Braulio Consilla
E-mail: [email protected]

Pernille Andersen / Norway
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 Day Trek
December 2012

The guide Bruno is a very nice person and great experienced guide , we really appreciated his care for us. The trip was wonderful and full of good surprises , the route is very interesting.
I really enjoyed every day of our journey mostly because of out wonderful guide and beautiful scenery.
Many thanks to our wonderful guide and all the careful people who helped us.
Guide: Bruno Yepes
email: [email protected]

Margarita Vladimirivna / Russia
[|Choquequirao to Machu Picchu 9 Day Trek]
November 2012

Juan was attentive going out of his way to make us comfortable, knowledgeable, English was very good.
Reaching wiñay wayna, knowing how close we were to macho picchu + getting a gumpse of inca landscape.
Thank you for the experience.
Guide: Juan de la Cruz
Cook: Walter CCama
email:[email protected]

Michale & Melissa Minihan / Japon
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 Day Trek
December 2012

Fantastic!! Jorge is really good guide, give so much of himself, have the control all the time. He take care of all the group included the porters. Very nice route and the food was very good!

Guide: Jorge Yepes
Cook: Braulio Consilla

E-mail: [email protected]

Hilde Haug / Norway
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 Day Trek
December 2012

Hello, Ronald!
I´m back in Sweden as you can understand. Here comes an evaluation of my
Peru tour:
Asked if my tour was worth the money...was it cheap?, was it expensive?... the answer will be meaningless because it´s not possible to estimate and materialize such experience in money or in economic terms.
If You try you have missed the point, I think.
I´ve been travelled a lot, in my time, and it´s hard to compare but this one was the best of them all! Also it´s meaningless to staple superlatives upon each other...
I have met so many nice people I have been treated so good and from Your staff I have been treated like a VIP all the time. They seams have no idea what the word impossible stand for. A special guide I will name is Eric "in Rainforest" Always a helping hand, trustable, well knowing and open minded! He ´s a gold nugget!!!!

Well, all arrangement has been kept, time has been kept and all events and sensations has presenters in suitable proportions. I have met clean, nice hotels, clean rooms good misses!
In short… It has been great! I have no complains!
It couldn't be better! You made my year, Ronald!!!!!
If you have need for me, Ronald, I will gladly help You as referent...
People can call me, cell (+46) 0737367719, at anytime!..... or mail [email protected] se
Ronald! I think You can be proud of Your country and your country men.
Again! Thank you!

Staffan Stengard / Sweden
Peru Culture and Nature 17 Day Program.
April 2013

Maria did a wonderful job on my visit to Machu Picchu and I am very thankful for that.
I am very pleased with the tour that you provided me, thank you so much Machete Tours.
Richard. 58 years old.
You are welcome to contact Richard at: richgiven2(at)

Richard James Given / United States
2 day Sacred Valley / Machu Picchu from Cuzco
May 2013

Thanks for excellent Inca Trail trekking to Machu Picchu 9-12.6 2013! Everything were so well organized and I really enjoyed my experiences during the route. Our guides Felipe and Ramiro were professional,friendly,helpful and all the time taking very good care of our welfare! Also the cook and all the porters were very kind and helpful as well! The food were excellent tasteful, the cook took good care that also we who had some diet got excellent food during all the trek! I´ve never ever before meet such friendliness during my travelings than now in Peru! Sincerely, I recommend traveling in Peru and Inca Trail to everybody and advertise it to all my friends! I´m enthusiastic of Peru,the magnificent nature and environment of Andes! Peruvian original culture,history and lovely friendly people! Muchas gracias y saludos a Felipe y Ramiro y los demas!
My kindest recards. T. R.

If you would like to contact this passenger, please write to us and we will pass your email.

T. R. / Finland
Peru Classic with Inca Trail 13 Days.
June 2013

Hi Ronald!
We are now back in Sweden since more than a week.
We would like to thank you and your representatives in Peru for a fantastic round trip in Peru. We have really appreciated everything, the experiences have been fantastic and we have brought plenty of photography’s, souvenirs and memories from this 17 days tour.
Please convey our greetings and appreciation to Irma, Vivianne (in Cusco) and the young man in Lima which helped and guided us quite a lot and also gave us required guidance and support through some difficult moments because of the stolen passport. Overall everything has went well with the organization, hotels, vouchers, tickets, information, pick-ups at airports etc. from Machete tours.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful vacation,

All the best, Robert and Ann.

Robert Stahre and Ann-Britt / Sweden
17 Days Peru Program
August 2013

I would definitely recommend Machete Tours to anyone.
Excellent drivers, good meals everyday, good breakfast at the hotels and fun to try so many meals in all the different places along the tour.
Joel in Lima was the best guide overall! knows a lot of fun things and really took care of us. Machete Tours staff in Lima and Cusco are very professional and service minded, took good care of all our arrangements and we travel safe along all our tour destinations.
Mr. Santiago in the tour to Colca Canyon is an excellent driver!
All hotels where clean and very good standard.

Thanks again for a unforgeable time in Peru!

Anne Mellstrom.

Anne Mellstom / Sweden
Peru Highlights
August 2013

We traveled with Machete Tours in Peru (my girl friend and I) and I would like to say that we have had a great time with lot of fun and meet many nice people.
Pick up services were always in time and in place at our arrival or departure, hotels along the tour where very good and specially the one in Machu Picchu, it was excellent.
Our tour guides where very knowledgeable and professionals, always taking care of us and making sure we are having a good time.
Gastronomy in Peru is surprisingly good, all places where meals where included in our program we have try good and variate food.
Irma who come to meet us at our arrival in Lima airport is a very friendly person and feels nice to meet some one like her at arrival into a new country.

We will definitely recommend Machete Tours for they service and professionalism.
11 days in Peru will be unforgettable for us!

Thanks to all Machete Tours staff!

Lisa Goransson.
lisagoransson (at)

Lisa Goransson / Sweden
Peru Highlight Program 11 days.
August 2013

Everything was good! nothing to improve.

Hotels were excellent and we give extra plus to Hotel Inkaterra La Casona in Cuzco, tours we very well arranged, guides both in the city and in our trek to Machu Picchu were very professionals and top quality service.

Perfect and excellent and very professional guide, the best guide we ever have had!! personal thanks to him.

Very good organization of the trip, thanks a lot to Machete Tours.

Sergey and Family (4 members)
age 48, Russian.

Sergey Khramagin / Russia
Peru VIP Luxe Program
August 2013

The Tour to Inca trail with Machete Tours was great an the guides where good responsible and knowledgeable.

...sezar84 (a)

We wil be happy to give you Katrine's full email if you request it to us as we only have partial permit for it

Katrine D. Schultz / Denmark
Inca trail 4 days
August 2013

Our guide was xcellent. Knows alot about everything, fun. Flexible.
The route was perfect!
Very good meals, even for vegetarian. Everything was very well.

Helena Louise Caroline Klint / Sweden
Salkantay 5D – Machupicchu
June 2014

Hubert, great guide, a lot of knowledge and very positive attitude. The route was beautiful. Challenging well organized. The meals very good.

Jenny Anna Maria Klint / Sweden
Salkantay 5D – Machupicchu
June 2014

Cesar our guide was very informative.
The trek was very fantastic! And the cook was excellent!

Inka Trail 4days
June 2014

Ramiro, he is very good support and has a big knowledge about history. Very nice a perfectly planned. The food has been great!!!. All of it. Reaching the top, Machu Picchu, the guide and the porters.
Ramiro is the best!!!...

TUNJE/KARIN GUNILLA / Swedish / [email protected]
Inka Trail 4days
June 2014

Ramiro, he knows alot about history, flowers etc. He is very good on adapting to our physical state. Perfectly planned.
Really good food. Everything was perfect!

TUNJE/PER OLA / Swedish / [email protected]
Inka Trail 4days
June 2014

Our guide always helpful and good. Amazing route. Amazing meals on the trip. And amazing experience!

Inka Trail 4days
July 2014

Ramiro our guide, prepared us well for the days treks. Well with our group – spoke English Well! Great views on the 2nd day.
Ronald responded very quickly to emails and communicated
Great meals! Braulio was very creative in preparing meals. We really enjoyed our time!

Salkantay 5D – Machupicchu
July 2014

The guide very kind, helpful and knows very much about the different places.
The route was fantastic!. All very good.
the chef very good. Amazing Experience!

IVERSEN/ANNE-BERIT / Norway / [email protected]
Inka Trail 4days
July 2014

The guide very knowledgeable about the plants and animals and communications it well. Excellent variety of landscapes slightly between Yanama and Totora.
Good communications in advance of trip. Very good meals and very healthy.
Choquequirao and Perú has landscapes and mountain views nice.

NICHOLAS EATON DORT / British / [email protected]
Choquequirao – Machupicchu 9 days
July 2014

We really enjoyed the guided by William! He knows a lot about Peru and really helped us to. Understand and learn this country better. Also he has a great positive attitude.
We enjoyed the route. The meals was excellent!
We enjoyed our trip very much.

Liuba Ivanova / Rusia
Salkantay 5D – Machupicchu
September 2014

Ramiro done excellent job of explaining what we saw and making sure we enjoyed his sTay 2 and day 3 were great.
Ronald was very efficient and helpful.
Delicious! the food was excellent. All of the staff were wonderful! We enjoyed our experience!

Nicola Marie Murphy / USA
Salkantay 5D – Machupicchu
July 2014

Our guide Roger was very friendly and aesy to talk to – very knewledgable and ready to anwer questions.
The trips wasy excellent , very good route – so beautiful all along the trek and the food was gread . it would ben ice to spend more time with me horseman and cook . also a more thourough itinerary .
I will defenitelly be recommending it to friends.

Lois Amy Jermyn / [email protected]
Salkantay 5D – Machupicchu
June 2013

The trek was very knowledgable and made the tour even more special. I am very pleased we took Salkantay as it was beautiful.
The food was fantastic overall care and attention to detail.

Peter Andrew Wyllie / British / [email protected]
Salkantay 5D – Machupicchu

The trek was and the guide was very good, know a lot of about the trip, and the inkas. It was beautiful and the 2 day was very nice. Everything was good the trip, very good the food and the organitation.

Walbne Laso /
Salkantay 5D – Machupicchu
October 2013

The guide Juan, was good, easy to tolk to , very informative. The trek was good. And the meals was very good. Leonardo is a great cook!
Everything was good.

Aylen Gürsel Bertlin /
Inka Trail 4days
January 2014

The guide good English, excellent history knowledge. Very nice walk.

Flurin Nicolas Gantenbein / Sweden
Inka Trail 4days
January 2014

The guide Juan, was good, easy to tolk to , very informative. The trek was good. And the meals was very good. Leonardo is a great cook!
Everything was good.

Aylen Gürsel Bertlin /
Inka Trail 4days
January 2014

The trek was good! easy and fun! He speaks good English to!
Our cook Leonardo is a good chef! Good vegetarian food. My experience was excellent!

Rayen Henriquez Ramirez / Sweden
Inka Trail 4days
January 2014

Our guide friendly and informative.
Good nice and challenging, relaxing days, hot springs a nice places. The organization was good
the meals was good. And the trek.

Mette langeland Larsen / Dinamarca
Salkantay 5 days
February 2014

Ramiro our guide was vey helful with us. The route was nice.
We are well satisfied.

Inka Trail 4days
March 2014

The guide Ramiro was observant, helpful, tells history about places and about flowers. Everything was excellent!

Finnas/Gunvor Viola / Finnish
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Ramiro, he always in good mood, very good. The meals was good. A lovely vacations in a fantastic trip!

Hoegnaes Bredell/Aasa / Swedish / [email protected]
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Daniel, the guide very friendly, positive atmosphere, good attitude. the food was good.
The route is nice and has beautiful views.
The personal of Cusco – provide information about the trek.

Joachim Berkus / German / [email protected]
Salkantay Trek to Machupichu 6days
April 2014

The guide Cesar Augusto explained the tour very well when we arrived to Cusco. Everything
the whole trail where well planned with diffrent options to camp.
good. The porters were all friendly all the time. The chef was good all the time. We were
satisfied. We have nothing to complain about. We are so happy the guide
time wish mad our tour posible. All trek was fantastic! And very memorable memory of this
beautiful country.

Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

The guide Cesar Agusto, very good, easy to be around, good knowledge very nice person,
helpful. Tough certain parts, Beautiful very well aranged.
The food was great!

GOTTE/Ingrid Maria Elena / Sweden / [email protected]
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

The guide Cesar, was very supportive, kind. Friendly and knowledgable. The organizations was
and communications was fast with Ronald by email. Amazing food! Loved the variety, flavours.
Raimundo is a very good. It was exceptional.

Kirsty Emma McLean / British
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Very good –amazing trip and Cesar was very informative. And friendly in the trip.
The route was excellent. And the meals ver, very nice.

Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Elio. The guide. Has a big knowledge about the tours and the places.
The route is beatifull and a Little dangerous. Really good meals on the trek with only few facilities. Good cook.
In Pakaymayu the sky was fantastic and then in Machupicchu.

Christensen / Margo / Danes
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Nide trip to Machupicchu. And Pakaymayu nice place, the food good.

Nielsen / Peter / Danes
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Juan De la Cruz the guide with good knowledge, nice person. The food was very good.
We enjoyed it very much!

Lind Ringmor / Norwegian / [email protected]
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

The guide has good knowledge. Good communication all the way. The meals very good, especially the soups. The trip was very pleasant.

Kaspersen /Knut Johan / Norwegian
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Our guide Cesar very good, everything positive, knowledgable, with experience, patience.
The route was beautiful.
And the meals amazing cook was great, each meal. I was so happy with the trek and with the
The porters nice persons. Was very beautiful to be in Peru.

Victor Carrillo / USA / [email protected]
Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Amazing tour profesional and very knowledgable.
Excellent Machupicchu.

Salkantay Trek 5 days
April 2014

Joel the guide. Was the best. He knows much and helpful. He was good in the trip. The food

was also excellent and Nicanor was a wonderful chef great experience!

Salkantay Trek 5days
April 2014

The guide was good. And the food was excellent!

The porters and cook were amazing The trip was fantastic.

Inka Trail 4days
April 2014

Our guide positive, listening, understand. Fine and short trip to Machupicchu.
And very nice!

Herlge Moritz / Danes
Inka Trail 2days
April 2014

Ramiro, he is patient, good English, listening.
The route was wonderful.

Margareth Van / Ooijen / Danes
Inka Trail 2days
September 2014

Ramiro our guide was very patient always helpful. The route was excellent!!
The meals very good. And every day was fantastic!

Choquequirao - Machupicchu 10 days
May 2014

Our guide was patient and friendly. The meals was excellent!
Very good experience and excellent vacations.

Hoskens Laura Sophie / Belgica
Choquequirao - Machupicchu 10 days
May 2014

The guide very warm, welcoming, personal and made us feel safe all the time, We apréciate his human enthusiasm when telling about the sites and the Peruvian history. Website description was correct . Wonderful meals.

Inka Trail 4days
May 2014

Ramiro , good humor, energy and motivation.
The route was very nice and hard.

Inka Trail 4days
June 2014

Ramiro was a very good guide, he very knowledgeable about the incas. The food was good.

WOODS GREGORY JOHN / Australia / [email protected]
Salkantay Trek 4 days
June 2014

You offer a trip that is really good value for the money, where most everything is included. The staff at Machete Tours offered a professional service too. So we would definitely travel with Machete Tours again.

Mats & Suzanne Kilany / Sweden
Classic Tour with walk on the Inca Trail
December 2014

I am really satisfied with Machete Tours, I don’t think I could have had a better journey. Everything was so well arranged and a guide came to meet me at the airport or other places that I went to, everywhere I went and made sure that I arrived to the places I was supposed to go to. It felt really good.

Hanna Sundsäter / Sweden
24 days South American Tour
March 2015

Dear Ronald:

Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful tour for us in Peru! The service and attention we received during the tour were all top notch. All the guides were excellent. Ruth in particular who took us to Machu Picchu was outstanding. She was knowledgable, could anticipate our needs, and made us feel right at home in Cusco and the areas we visited with her. But they were all very good - Vanessa, Miguel, And Maria (in Cusco), and the last guide who took us shopping on the last day. We enjoyed immensely the restaurants chosen except perhaps for Las Brujas. But this was a minor blip as we thoroughly enjoyed Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Peru overall.

Thanks once again for organizing an amazing trip for us. Please convey our sincere thanks to all the Staff who assisted us during our stay in their beautiful country.

Jaime Briceno / Belize
Peru Luxury Program
June 2017


I, my family and friends would like to THANK YOU for very well organized

Inca Trail trek – 9-12 May with Cesar as a guide, Braulio as a cook.
The hole team including great porters were excellent: knowledgeable, nice, hardworking and very supportive.
Everything was excellent!

Thanks to the whole team we all made it through the 4 day hike in good condition and spirit.
Please find attached a ‘Gracias’ photo.


Ewa Gruszczynski

Ewa Gruszczynski / Canada
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 days
May 2015