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Why we are called Machete Tours?

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Contact Offices

  • Sweden+46 76046 1860
  • Denmark+45 2460 2662
  • Peru - Lima+51 1 964150238
  • Peru - Cusco+51 84 224829

Climbing Gear

  • Ice axe. This must be a classic mountaineering axe or "piolet" with leash. Avoid technical ice climbing tools. Look for a light one.
  • Crampons. With straps or combination heel bail-straps works the best. Avoid aluminum crampons.
  • Climbing harness
  • 2 locking carabineers/3 regular oval carabineers
  • 25 ft of 6 mil perlon.
  • Climbing helmet.
  • Belay device.
  • Trekking poles. Adjustable.


  • Hiking boots or shoes. Used for approach and sometimes during carries to high camps. Good fit, cushion and support is required.
  • Sandals. For river crossings and base camp hot days.
  • Double boots. First quality high altitude boots. Could be plastic, composite, or a combination of both. Just be sure they're specially made for the colder temperatures.
  • Gaiters. Expedition style. Insulated ones are optional, just don't get gaiters with neoprene soles.
  • Liner socks. 3 pairs. Capilene or lightweight wool. They should fit well with your thicker socks.
  • Expedition weight socks. 3 pairs. Wool or synthetic, with padded shins they feel great.
  • Down booties (optional). Good option to wear inside the tent.

Lower body

  • Light underwear bottoms. 2 pairs. Avoid cotton.
  • Expedition weight underwear bottoms. For extra warmth.
  • Fleece pants. Midweight 100 to 200 fleece. Better with full side zippers.
  • Shell pants. Windproof-breathable with full side zippers.
  • Trekking pants. Synthetic or cotton, for basecamp and approach.
  • Shorts (optional) for approach and base camp.
  • Insulated pants (optional). Light, synthetic or down.

Upper body

  • Lightweight synthetic turtleneck. 2 pair. Synthetic or wool.
  • Expedition weight shirt.
  • Fleece jacket. Midweight 100 to 200 fleece. Full front zip recommended.
  • Down parka with hood. Could also be Polarguard. Better if it goes below the waist.
  • Hard shell jacket. Windproof-breathable. Go light.
  • Cotton t-shirts. A couple for base camp.


  • Sun hat or baseball cap. Synthetic works better.
  • Warm hat. Wool or pile.
  • Balaclava. Midweight.
  • Neck gaiter. Fleece 100 to 200 for added warmth.
  • Bandana. For neck protection.


  • Sunglasses 2 pair. Go with glacier style ones, 100% UV, IR protection. Prescription glacier
  • glasses are recommended if you use glasses.
  • Ski Goggles (optional). With maximum protection and low light transmission. They work great for windy days.


  • Light synthetic gloves. Capilene or similar, as a first layer.
  • Fleece finger gloves. 100 to 200 fleece, better with windbloc.
  • Insulated mittens. Wool, synthetic or down, big enough to use with other gloves.
  • Mittens shells. For wind protection. Be sure that all the layers together have a comfortable fit, not compromising blood circulation.

Personal equipment

  • Down or synthetic sleeping bag. Should be at least -15° F. Good fit is really important for heating retention.
  • Foam Sleeping pad. Closed cell, full length, adds warmth and protects Thermarest.
  • Thermarest pad. ¾ size should work. Light series are great combined with a foam pad. Include repair kit.
  • Large backpack. Up to 6000 cu inches. Simple design, good fit.
  • Daypack. For summit day and approach. As light as possible.
  • Headlamp and spare batteries. LED small headlamps work well.
  • 2 water bottles. Wide mouth 1 liter Nalgene style.
  • 1 thermos. Half liter is plenty enough and still light.
  • Sunscreen and lip protection. At least 30 SPF for both.
  • Small first aid kit. Iclude ear plugs, tape, blisters kit, antibiothics, several paracetamol or aspirin tablets, personal medications.
  • Pocket knife. Light and simple, Swiss style.
  • Insulated cup, plastic bowl and spoon. Cup insulated and with lid. Lexan Spoon and bowl are light and durable.

Optional items

  • Book, notebook, pencil. Waterproof Rite'n the rain notebooks suggested. Avoid pen.
  • Walkman. Bring battery chargers. Ipods only work bellow 5000 meters.
  • Camera and film/usb cable. Extra care with dust. Small disposable works good. If digital, bring usb conection if you want to send pictures from basecamp.
  • Shower items. Light towel, soap and shampoo for base camp.
  • Handwarmers
  • Hydratyng system. For approach. This doesn't substitute the bottles listed above.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Pee bottle /Pee funnel (for women) Extra secure lid!
  • Personal food treats. Favorite candy, jerky or other snacks.
  • Personal energy supplies. Energy bars, Gatorade, Citomax, Gu, etc.
  • Toiletry bag. Toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, etc.
  • Water purification pills
  • Insect repellent.

Travel gear

  • Large duffel bag. With lock. 7500+ cu in.
  • Small duffel bag. For leaving stuff at Hotel/office.