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Amazonas Region

Amazonas Region

The capital of this region, Chachapoyas, is a city full of narrow streets. Here you will find a large Main Square, beautiful mansions and lovely balconies as evidence of its Colonial past.

This is also the launching site for excursions to the fabulous citadel of Kuélap, built by the Chachapoyas, a fierce people that for years resisted the expansion of the Incas. Located at the top of rocky cliffs and guarded by a gigantic defensive wall, Kuélap reminds of a lost civilization.


Capital: Chachapoyas (2334 mas l / 7657 fas l)


The city of Chachapoyas has a temperate climate. It rains in the summer months (December-April). The average annual maximum temperature is 23ºC (68ºF) and the minimum is 13ºC (51ºF).


Yalape Archaeological Remains

Lake of the Condors

Kuelap Fortress

Karajia Sarcophagi


Lake Pomacochas

Chinata Waterfall

Numparket Waterfall

Rentama Narrows

Corontachaca Waterfall and Hot Springs


Main Square

Plazuela de la Independencia (Independence Square)

Pozo de Yanayacu (Yanayacu Well)


Leymebamba Site Museum