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The city of Ayacucho is known as “The city of churches” since people say that there is a church on practically every corner. The inhabitants are descendents of the powerful Waris who lived in a large part of this territory between the sixth and twelfth centuries.

This region is also known as ”the land of artisans” and you will find impressive works of art like the retablos, small portable shrines that represents Andean scenes. As well as carvings of alabaster, a material also known as Huamanga stone!


Capital: Ayacucho (2761 masl / 9058 fasl)

Lowest point: 330 masl / 1082 fasl (Santa Rosa)

Highest point: 3645 masl / 11.958 fasl (Chalcos)


The city of Ayacucho has a dry, very healthy, temperate climate with all year round sunshine!


Wari Archaeological Complex

Pikimachay Archaeological Deposit

Pampa of Ayacucho Historic Sanctuary


Caniche Archaeological Monument

Vilcashuaman Archaeological Complex

Pumacocha or Intiwatana Archaeological Complex


Niñobamba Hot Springs

Bubbling Pools of Huahuapuquio

Pumapaqcha, Batán, and Qorimaqma Mythical Waterfalls

Pachapupum Hot Springs

Apurimac River Valley

Bárbara D’Achille National Reserve at Pampa Galeras

Puzapaccha Waterfall

Lake Parinacochas

Mount Sara Sara

Puyas de Raimondi Forest (Titankayocc)


Main Square

The Cathedral

Templo de San Cristobal (Saint Christopher’s Church)

Templo de Santo Domingo (Saint Domingo Church)

Templo de La Merced (Mercy Church)

Templo de Santa Ana (Saint Ann’s Church)

Capilla de Nuestra Señora de Chinquinquirá (Chapel of Our Lady of Chinquinquirá)

Velarde Alvarez House

Artisanal Districts of Santa Ana, Puca Cruz, and Belen- An area with workshops and homes of the most distinguished masters of popular art.

District of Luricocha- The “fruit capital” know for avocados, lucuma fruit, custard apples, pacaes, tunas (cactus fruit), oranges, elderberries, and many others.