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In this region some of the most important civilizations of ancient Peru established themselves. Like the Paracas and the Nazca, who left a legacy that has endured the passage of time.

In 1563 the region and it's capital city of Ica fell under the rule of the Spanish conquistadors who named it ”Villa de Valverde del Valle de Ica. .” It remained a colonial city until Peru achieved its independence in the 1820s.

Tragically the city of Ica and the surrounding area suffered extensive damage during the 2007 earthquake that hit outside the coast of Peru.


Capital: Ica (406 masl / 1332 fasl )

Lowest point: 2 masl / 7 fasl (Paracas)

Highest point: 3796 masl / 12.454 fasl (San Pedro de Huacarpana)


The city of Ica has a sunny climate almost all year long with an annual average maximum temperature of 32ºC (89ºF) and a minimum of 9ºC (49ºF). It's many days of sunshine has made it known by Peruvians as the "Land of the Sun".



Adolfo Bermudez Jenkins Regional Museum, Museo Regional de Ica.

Marquis of Torre Hermosa House

Vista Alegre Bodega


Huacachina Oasis

Tacama Vineyard

Traditional Wine Producing Bodegas

Ocucaje Bodega

Town of Cachiche

Los Frailes Megalith Complex

Beaches and Deserts- El Morro, El Negro, La Hierba, Lomitas, Oyeros, Antana, Barlovento, and La Cueva

Lancha Pampas desert

Paracas National Reserve

The Nazca Lines