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Lima is the capital of Peru and often called ”The City of Kings”. (Ciudad de los Reyes ) In 2002 the city was divided into the region of Lima and Metropolitan Lima.

The city is a fine example of Spanish colonial style and has lots of fascinating museums showing pre- Hispanic culture.


Lowest point: 3 masl / 10 fasl (Ancon).

Highest point: 861 masl / 2825 fasl (Chosica).


The city of Lima has an arid and semi-warm climate. The average annual maximum temperature is 22ºC (71,4ºF) and the minimum is 17ºC (62ºF). The temperature increases in the years when the El Niño phenomenon occurs.


“Damero de Pizarro” Historic Downtown with Main Square. Cathedral of Lima. Government Palace. San Francisco Church and Convent. Church and Convent of La Merced. Aliaga House. Torre Tagle Palace. China Town. Plaza de Toros de Acho (Acho Bull Ring), ETC.


Lima Art Museum

Italian Art Museum

Museum of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions of the Riva Agüero Institute

Museum of the Inquisition and the Congress

Museo de Oro (Gold Museum)

National Museum

Museo Nacional de Antropología, Arqueología e Historia (National Anthropological, Archaeological and Historic Museum)

Rafael Larco Herrera Archeological Museum

Pedro de Osma Museum of Colonial Art


Kennedy Park

Pucllana o Juliana Huaca

Barranco Parque Municipal (City Park)

Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs)

Pantanos de Villa Reserved Zone (Villa Wetlands)

Pachacamac Archaeological Complex

Puruchuco Archaeological Site

Cajamarquilla Archaeological Site

Huachipa Zoological Gardens


Santa Rosa District

Ancon District

Cañete District with beaches El Silencio, Señoritas , Peñascal, Pico Alto, and Punta Rocas.

The beach circuits along the South PanAmerican Highway