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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

The citadel was built in the fifteenth century, and is attributed to the Inca Pachacutec. It's devided into two zones that are contained within approximately twenty hectares. On the sides of the mountain, you can see up to four meters high (13 feet) agricultural terraces.

Walking around Machu Picchu you will be captured by its beauty and mystery and surely you will wonder how the Incas managed to built all this, on such a remote location, so many years ago!


2399 masl/ 7874 fasl


Temple of the Sun. Temple of the Moon. Temple of the Three Windows. The Main Temple. The plazas. Ceremonial rock. Mausoleum or tomb. The Intihuatana or Solar clock and calendar. Intiwatana. Wayna Picchu Mountain.


Agricultural sector. Urban sector. Checkpoint. Upper cemetery and burial stones. The Sacred Stone. Intipunktu


To help with preserving this priceless archaeological monument and world natural and cultural heritage site, we recommend you bear the following in mind:

Bring drinks in canteens only

Do not bring food or eat within the monument

Come in groups of no greater than 20 people

Do not climb the walls

Lighting open fires is strictly prohibited

Put litter in the indicated trashcans

Do not disturb the site’s plant and animal species

Do not contaminate water sources

Walk only on the signaled circuits