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Manu Park

Manu Park

The famed natural wealth of Manu lies in the extraordinary variety of ecosystems and it is considered to possibly be the most biologically diverse protected area on earth. With nearly 1000 species of birds, 200 species of mammals and around 15,000 species of plants it is worthy of our attention and protection.


300 masl – 4,000 masl / 984 fasl – 13,120 fasl


Like all of Peru, Manu has a dry and a wet season. Most of the rain falls between November and April. The dry season and the best time to observe animals being between May and October.

The temperature ranges between 13 and 35 degrees Celsius and the air is generally humid. However temperature does not change radically and never drops below frost point.

In the cloud forest it is always cold through the nights, so remember to bring a warmer sweater.


The biosphere reserve with the Duna or Andean grassland.

The Elfin forest

The Andean Cloud forest

The Tropical Amazon Rain Forest

The National Park

The Reserved Zone

The Cultural Zone

1000 species of bird such as Macaw parrot, giant Jabiru stalk, the Harpy eagle and the Tucan.

Mammal animals like the spectacled Bear, Ocelot and Jaguar, Giant Otters, capybara and Tapir.

Primate animals like the small Tamarin and the territorial Howler monkey.

Insects like cicadas, ants, butterflies or dragonflies

Reptiles, like the black Caiman and different species of snakes

15,000 species of plants