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Machete Tours offers a new travel guarantee for its passengers

By Karin Schill

(19/06/2013) We have now joined “Kammarkollegiet”, the Swedish Judicial board that offers to repay our clients for their expenses, in case of canceled trips or company bankruptcy.

“Kammarkollegiet” is the oldest governmental authority in Sweden. It was originally founded during a different name by King Gustav Vasa in 1539. Today “Kammarkollegiet” has 35 different tasks that are appointed by the Swedish government. Its main purpose is to make sure that the Swedish tax payers’ money is used in an effective and legally secure way. It deals with the following six domains; law, finance, procurement, insurance, asset management and administration.

Machete Tours is now a member of “Kammarkollegiets” travel guarantee board. It means that you are protected against financial loss in case of cancelled or interrupted trips that you book with us. In such cases you can file a claim with the Travel Guarantee board and get compensation for your expenses. You can also get your trip home covered.

So if you want to for instance go play golf in the land of the Incas, or go on an Amazon River cruise or visit the Machu Picchu World Heritage Site you can now securely book your trip with us.

For more information about “Kammarkollegiet” please visit: