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Social Project - Hans Christian Andersen Library Project

Voluntary project for Libraries in between Choquequirao and Machupicchu

Most rural Latin American Children have little in the way of resources for education and some do not even have access to school of any form. The Villages of Yanama, Totora and the La Playa do have basic schooling facilities but very little in the way of schoolbooks and certainly not a library. In many schools the only book available to read is the one being used and sometimes brought by the teacher. Government support is limited under normal circumstances and exacerbated where villages have remote locations, as is the situation here.

Machete Tours has begun a project to supply useful books in English, Basic Spanish and Quechua to the schools of this area. The project is named after the famous Danish writer of children’s fairytales, Hans Christian Anderson, author of such legendary tales as The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid and the Steadfast Tin Soldier. Books have already been delivered to Yakama School, a small learning institution that provides education for children ranging from 5 to 14 years of age.

In addition to providing the books themselves to these communities Machete Tours is also aiding with a programme to build library/study rooms for children at these schools. This is an important step given the generally limited space available for students in the teaching centres.

Machete Tours Hans Christian Andersen Library Project from Marcel Wollner on Vimeo.

We need your help!

With this project you can make a direct, visible and positive contribution by contacting Ronald, the director of Machete Tours at [email protected] You can either buy books while travelling in Peru for the students, bring good quality second hand books or contribute materials and financial assistance for the classroom building projects at the Village school:

We need books that contain many photos that have texts easy to read, with an easy Spanish to understand:

  • Dictionaries.
  • Books with easy to read English language.
  • Fairytale books.
  • Books in the Quechua Language (this can be bought in Cusco).
  • Encyclopaedic volumes like universal history, human body, natural sciences, etc.
  • Books of geography, especially of local geography.
  • Animal’s books of the world, etc.

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated, not only by us but also by the children of Peru – your helping the next generation build a better, brighter future!