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Why we are called Machete Tours?

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Welcome to Machete Tours

Machete Tours is a specialist Tour Operator in excellent Tailor-Made journeys to South America and offers multi-country as well as country by country tours. The options are endless: adventure trips, mountain expeditions, cultural and natural excursions, romantic getaways, Incentive Trips.

As your South American expert, we are honored to provide you with knowledgeable guidance as you venture forth to explore the region’s most captivating countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Machete Tours is a Network formed by its own well-known Professionals of the Travel Industry in order to sell South America as a single product.

In addition to our culturally focused tourism projects we also specialize in adventures in the South American wilderness – treks into the high Andes, along ancient Inca Trails and to the foot of spectacular glacial peaks. Peru is one the Bio-diverse countries on earth, boasting the Atacama desert along the coast, the vast icy mountains and volcanoes of the Andes and the great bio diverse hothouse of the Amazon Rainforest to the East (The Peruvian Amazon alone covers an area larger than France!). It was here in the Jungle that Machete Tours pioneered its eco-tourism operations in and around the incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Machete tours sponsored tourism here goes to indigenous communities and provides an incentive to keep the rainforest and it’s wildlife in a pristine state – a truly long-term vision that contrasts against logging and mining operations that provide short term financial benefits but long-term destruction and poverty.

Machete Tours Trading Partners

Working over such a wide area of Latin America we naturally have built up a group of trusted business partners and local operators how provide us with specialist services. Partners include national and international transport providers, accommodation services and local guides – respected elements of our operation many of these companies have been working with Machete Tours since its inception more 11 years – a testament to their reliability and skill over the long term. As within Machete Tours itself hotels, transport and other travel services are monitored for good practices and environmental sustainability – maintaining maximum benefit for both local people, clients and the surrounding regions. While travelling with us you will also be encouraged to maintain and awareness of the amount of water, electricity and materials you are using in a region that sometimes experiences shortages.

In the following pages please find our diverse and ever expanding range of tours and further company information – if you have any questions or would like you discuss our itineraries in greater depth please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] At Machete Tours we have a passion for exploring and showing our clients a continent of unparalled beauty, diversity and wonder – welcome to South America!

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